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About MedM Health Cloud

MedM Health Cloud is an online service that works with MedM personal & family health diary apps. This cloud service allows users to securely store, export, and print out their personal health data, as well as share it with trusted individuals. The MedM Health Cloud enables users to manage their Care Circles: granting or revoking access rights to their own Health Record, as well as accepting or refusing invitations to access the information of other users.

The Newsfeed section of the portal can be configured to show new readings and/or threshold violations for each individual Health Record that the user has access to. It is possible to opt in for Email, Push, and/or News Feed notifications. Thresholds can be set up manually for each measurement type separately.

To learn more about using MedM apps and Health Cloud please consult the MedM Health User Manual.

MedM Health Cloud is a product of MedM Inc. - maker of the world's most connected remote care platform.